Google Tag Manager training course, you’ll build on your knowledge of Google Tag Manager fundamentals and master more advanced features for effective and flexible implementations. You’ll learn how to use GTM as an essential tool in your technology stack to enable faster and more sophisticated code updates so you can gain marketing advantages and analytics insights more quickly and deeply.

At the same time, you’ll learn how GTM enables governance, workflows, efficient collaboration and clearer communication as your marketing, analytics, and development teams work together to meet the demands of enterprise-level tagging.

While this course is oriented towards Google Analytics, the lessons apply to any marketing, analytics, or other third-party or custom code that you need to deploy and manage through GTM.

What you will learn in Google Tag Manager Training:

Module 1:

  • Adding the Google Tag Manager container code to your website
  • Google Analytics Pageview Tracking
  • Google Analytics Event Tracking
    • Offsite Links
    • PDF Downloads
    • mailto: and tel: links
    • Page Scroll
    • Video

Module 2:

  • Recording Multi-screen interactions as Google Analytics Virtual Pageview
  • Google Analytics Cross-Domain and Cross-Device Tracking
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
  • Integrating Google Analytics and CRM Data
  • Triggers You Need to Know: Page View vs. DOM Ready, Click, Form Submission
  • Variables You Need to Know: DOM Element, Auto-Event, Constant, Data Layer
  • GTM in WordPress

Module 3:

  • Workspaces and Versions
  • Access Rights and Two-Step Verification
  • Debugging and Publishing the Container
  • Workflow and Communications between Marketing and IT
  • Environments and Blocking Triggers
  • Recording to Separate GA Properties for Development and Production
  • Migrating to Google Tag Manager from Native Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Using Google Tag Manager with Firebase for Mobile App Tracking