Adobe Analytics & DTM Implementation is a four day course, designed for the person who places code on the page, is designed to give you the information you need to implement Reports & Analytics on your site using JavaScript. You will learn to take business requirements, translate them into an implementation solution, and code them on the page. Topics include Traffic Variables, Conversion Variables, Configuration Variables, Processing Rules, JavaScript plug-ins, troubleshooting implementations, data manipulation tools, advanced Reports & Analytics tools, and your role as a technical lead. This an excellent preparatory course for taking the “Adobe Certified Expert: Reports & Analytics Implementation” exam.

Target Audience

This course is specifically designed for Adobe customers who function as the technical lead. The technical lead is the individual within the organization who is responsible for translating their clients’ business requirements into specific Reports & Analytics variables and functions, as well as managing the deployment of Reports & Analytics code on their Web sites.


This class assumes that you have a working knowledge of programming principles. If you do not have this knowledge, you are still welcome in class, but class time will not be taken to teach programming principles.

  • Basic conditions
  • Client-side (JavaScript) logic
  • Include Files
  • Server-side logic
  • Variables

Course Objective

At the conclusion of the course, the technical lead will be able to map specific business requirements to Reports & Analytics variables and functions and then deploy that solution on a Web site. In addition to the course objectives, participant will be able to:

  • Know the purposes, functions and limitations of specific variables and features
  • Recognize the relationships between variables and their impact on reports
  • Determine which functions and features will best solve specific business needs
  • Implement and validate advanced code deployment on a development Website
  • Identify and correct errors in implemented code through troubleshooting exercises

Course Duration: 4 days

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Reports & Analytics Code
  • The Reports & Analytics Interface
  • Implementation Overview
  • Key Business Requirements and Key Performance Indicators
  • Configuration Variables
  • Dynamic Tag Management
  • Traffic Variables Overview
  • Page Naming

Day 2

  • Other Standard Traffic Variables
  • Custom Traffic Variables Traffic Features & Functions
  • Predefined and Custom Events
  • Conversion Variables

Day 3

  • Purchase Confirmation Page
  • The Campaign Variable
  • Custom Conversion Variables Conversion Features & Functions
  • Data Manipulation Components
  • Processing Rules
  • Mobile Site Tracking

Day 4

  • Site-based Implementation
  • Considerations
  • Data Export Tools
  • Validation and Troubleshooting
  • Effective Implementation Practices